Virtual Dental Care believes that “With Teledentistry, Together, We Can Bring Dental Wellness To Everyone.” VDC’s vision is to make teledentistry a standard part of healthcare delivery. VDC developed Teledentix, a cloud-based software platform for teledentistry. Traditional dental practice management software was not designed with teledentistry in mind. Teledentix does not replace existing practice management software; rather, it supplements existing software and adds the necessary components that allows the dental office to be on the leading edge of teledentistry delivery.

BD Silverman Consulting

Virtual Dental Care has retained BD Silverman Consulting as an Advisor to the Company, focused on the Dental Benefits marketplace. Mr. Silverman joins a distinguished group of Team Members and Advisors (click here) who are working to make VDC’s vision a reality.

BD Silverman’s May 2019 Dental Economics article entitled “How Payers Can Begin to Pilot Teledentistry” has helped Virtual Dental identify various new opportunities for Dental Payers to benefit from this emerging technology and, now utilize BD Silverman Consulting to assist in strategic planning, market outreach, establishing pilot programs and fund raising.



Driven by technology, Teledentistry is an innovative way for patients to connect with a dentist for checking the status of their oral health. ToothPic’s vision is that consumer friendly Teledentistry can be a cost-effective way to improve patient experiences in the short-term, enable more personalized products to be developed (from the better data collected) in the mid-term, and enable prevention of dental disease through insights and intelligent interventions in the long-term, which will reduce dental care costs for patients and payers alike.

The Toothpic application is the leading teledental service for consumers and is conveniently available to members for download from both the Apple and Android Stores.

OralEye’s backers include Teledoc (the largest publicly traded Telemedicine Company), Enterprise Ireland (Europe's largest venture capital organization) and Philips Sonicare and others.

See more at: https://vimeo.com/242884361

BD Silverman Consulting

ToothPic engaged BD Silverman Consulting as an industry expert and strategic advisor for the Dental Payer marketplace. BD Silverman Consulting has assisted in the development of the TeleDentistry Business Case and Cost Benefits for Dental Insurers.

In addition, BD Silverman Consulting has helped formulate several TeleDentistry use cases for dental insurers to implement.  The use cases cover all aspects of a Dental Payer’s member population, from outreach and engagement of the “non-utilizer / no-visit” population to cost reduction through the elimination of unnecessary treatment for the “dentally healthy” patient.  In addition, BD Silverman Consulting also identified additional elective treatments that can be reduced and/or eliminated due to the utilization of a TeleDentistry examination versus a traditional in-office exam.

BD Silverman Consulting has also assisted in designing proof of concept programs for several Dental Payers, including identifying operational strategies that should be implemented to achieve cost reduction and the benchmark data and analytics needed to demonstrate success. BD Silverman Consulting has modeled how TeleDentistry can be utilized in the integration of Medical and Dental patient care.

Lastly, BD Silverman assisted Toothpic in its latest round of raising capital.




This Delta Dental member company has provider networks in multiple states and administers business for members within these states as well as across the US for national clients.

BD Silverman Consulting

Northeast Delta Dental was considering licensing a third-party product which focused on bringing provider quality measures to the dental benefits marketplace.  They requested detailed insights regarding the vendor, the product, data requirements, staffing needs, and, most importantly, how it fit into the overall mission and short- and long-term strategies of the organization.  BD Silverman Consulting enabled the organization to clearly understand the product's features, benefits and challenges and allowed the organization to finalize its decision on this critical strategic initiative.



Delta Dental of Oklahoma (DDOK) is the state's leading dental benefits provider. DDOK serves more than one million Oklahomans and partners with more than 7,200 Oklahoma headquartered companies to provide dental benefits programs to their employees.  DDOK advances the oral wellness of its enrollees with the state's largest network of dentists and a steadfast commitment to superior customer service.

BD Silverman Consulting

This Delta Dental member company is was preparing for the retirement of a long-tenured executive. BD Silverman Consulting was retained to perform an overall organizational review to ensure the company was optimally aligned to achieve its strategic objectives. BD Silverman Consulting reviewed the company’s current organizational structure and processes and made recommendations that would position the organization for continued success. Additionally, BD Silverman Consulting identified potential opportunities for improvements in processes and services, overall organization efficiency and administrative cost reductions.


This organization is the largest insurance carrier in their marketplace.  Their products include Hospital, Medical, Pharmacy, Dental, Vision and other lines of coverage.

BD Silverman Consulting

This organization hired BD Silverman Consulting to develop products and go to market strategies for an integrated Medical-Dental benefits product line.  Although the carrier operated their various products on separate internal computer systems, BD Silverman Consulting, based on its in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of today's dental and healthcare environments as well as technical know-how and experience, led an effort to create a path forward which relied upon internal and external process improvements as well as data aggregation and analytic strategies.  The organization is currently evaluating its approach.




SKYGEN USA powers healthcare transformation forward with innovative, next-generation technology-enabled solutions and data analytics that inspire stakeholders to challenge the status quo and create better alignment to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate experiences for all throughout the digital age. It helps payers of all sizes and across all lines of business through a portfolio that includes Benefits Administration, Enterprise Technology, On-Demand Solutions, and Professional Services. SKYGEN USA serves clients operating in over 100 markets, serving 35 million member lives on its technology platform, and 10 million member lives through its outsourcing solutions.

BD Silverman Consulting

BD Silverman Consulting has been retained to assist Skygen in advancing their vision and growth strategies across the dental and vision payer industry. BDSC will gain in-depth insight into Skygens platforms and assist payers in helping understand how Skygen meets not only today’s requirements but those of the future as well.




HealthPlan Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wipro, a ~8B global services company with ~178,000 employees serving 1,200+ clients worldwide. Wipro and HealthPlan Services are industry leaders helping clients achieve significant operational efficiency and effectiveness gains.  Current clients include Health Care Service Corporation, Kaiser, Cigna, Aetna, Humana and UnitedHealthcare, among others.

BD Silverman Consulting

HealthPlan Services contracted with BD Silverman Consulting to bring their experience and expertise to the Dental Benefits marketplace.  HPS sought out BD Silverman Consulting based on its long-term experience in the Delta Dental family of companies, both as a senior leader at Delta Dental of New Jersey as well as a well-known and respected national leader within the Delta Dental Plans Association.  BDSC's work with HPS has been to both solidify the product offerings as well as develop the appropriate strategic approaches for the Dental Benefits marketplace.

(8) EDI HEALTH GROUP (DentalXChange)


EDI Health Group (DentalXChange) is a leader in dental Electronic Data Interchange solutions committed to serving the needs of dentists, patients and insurance companies.  The goal of DXC is to help simplify business processes, increase productivity and enhance the management side of dental practices by providing streamlined connectivity that bridges the gaps between payers, patients and providers.

Headquartered in Irvine, CA, EDI Health Group has grown to support over 12,000 dental offices nationwide and through its secure portals, process nearly 20 million EDI transactions, consisting of more than 15 million dental claims annually.

BD Silverman Consulting

EDI Health Group was looking to expand its product line to dentists and insurance companies and was seeking an expert in the Dental Insurance Payer marketplace who could assist them with product design as well as pricing, marketing, and sales strategies.   BD Silverman Consulting assisted EDI Health Group in clearly defining payer product requirements and workflows and provided them with design expertise.  BD Silverman Consulting also analyzed their current product suite and associated pricing and recommended new pricing, marketing, and sales strategies to drive marketplace adoption of their new credentialing product. 




Z Dental is a family owned and operated dental supply company that specializes in offering affordable, ergonomic and customized products. They strive to be excellent and provide high quality in all they do. Z Dental has been serving the dental market since 1997.

BD Silverman Consulting

BD Silverman Consulting continues to focus on the importance of integrating Medical and Dental care and on providing solutions that will improve a person's oral health and thus, their overall health.  BD Silverman is working with Z Dental to enhance its distribution channel of their Z Sonic power brush and Z Sonic Mini to Dental Benefit carriers and their members.  Through various programs, dental members can improve their oral health care at home with access to a high quality / very affordable power brush along with a low-cost refill brush heads program.    



United Dental Alliance (UDA) is the largest group purchasing organization in the United States focused on dentistry. A GPO is an entity that leverages the purchasing power of a group of businesses to obtain discounts from vendors based on the collective buying power of the GPO members.  UDA offers discounts to dental offices  for dental supplies, shipping services, payroll administration, wireless phone plans, and on other supplies, products, and services needed every day by its dentist members. Many of these discounts are provided to both the dentist and his/her staff members.

BD Silverman Consulting

BD Silverman Consulting was hired by UDA to develop and execute a strategy to extend these GPO discounts to others in the dental delivery system, specifically to small and mid-size employers who offer dental benefits to their employees through one of the dental benefit carriers. BDSC is working with UDA to develop programs for dental payers to reward loyal customers as well as diversify their offerings during new sales and renewals.



For over 16 years, Aperture CVO has been in the business of credentialing providers for the Insurance marketplace.  Aperture employs over 200 Credentialing Verification Specialists and is both URAQ CVO accredited and NCQA CVO and CR certified.

In late 2015, Aperture helped transform the Vision Benefits Industry by bringing 10 leading Vision payers to the table to form a Credentialing Alliance whereby all provider re-credentialing cycles were standardized among the participating payers into a single process and schedule, resulting in a much-simplified process for all players involved.  The results have been a significant reduction in administrative process costs, reduced application cycle times and higher quality credentialing applications across the provider community and payers within the Alliance.  Aperture has also succeeded in creating similar Alliances in the very tough state Medicaid marketplace. 

BD Silverman Consulting

Aperture’s goal is to bring the same transformation process to the dental payer community.  Aperture retained BD Silverman Consulting as a key partner in this process, based on its extensive industry experience and insights, along with day-to-day operational knowledge of the dental credentialing process. 




GLG is headquartered in New York with 22 offices globally and 1,500 employees. Since its founding in 1998, GLG has become a membership of leading experts providing business decision-makers with insights to create better, more informed outcomes. Today, GLG is the world’s largest platform for professional learning, comprising thought leaders and practitioners, including business leaders, scientists, academics, former public-sector leaders, and the foremost subject matter specialists. GLG serves users at more than 1,400 client companies in 40 countries. These clients include Fortune 500 companies in nearly every sector and the leading professional services firms and financial institutions.

BD Silverman Consulting

GLG has used BDSC on more than 12 occasions as an expert in the dental benefits industry.  BDSC has consulted with venture capital organizations, investment bankers, large industry consulting organizations, DSOs, and others.

The largest engagement was for a San Francisco based venture capital organization with over $10 billion raised that required expertise and strategic insights on a significant investment opportunity they were considering in a Dental Benefits organization.  As part of its analysis, BD Silverman Consulting traveled with the VC team to the onsite target company to assist in its due diligence activities, specifically as it related the target company’s leadership, operational processes and procedures, systems, dental networks and strategic plans for growth. BD Silverman's insights and recommendations were used as part of the VC's final decision to make the investment.

Other GLG Clients BD Silverman has provided Advisory Services include Large Consulting Organizations (e.g.: McKinsey & Company; Ernst & Young), Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital Organizations, Investment Bankers / Analysts, Healthcare Consulting Organization, Dental Service Organizations and Product Companies. Services included:

  • Providing information about the competitive forces in the dental benefits marketplace

  • DSO impacts on the dental industry and claims costs plus expansion strategies in the US

  • Claims Operations and the drivers of administrative costs (and where costs can be reduced)

  • The current state of Provider Credentialing in the Dental Industry and areas of opportunity.

  • Dental Benefit Plan policies and procedures (both historical and forward looking) related to Dental Implants.



Third Bridge provides private equity firms, hedge funds and strategy consultants with the information that they need to understand the value of their investment opportunities. Third Bridge provides access to industry experts who can offer unique insights into companies and markets. To an investor who is looking for information to steer a deal-making decision, there is nothing more powerful than the knowledge that is locked up inside people’s heads. 

BD Silverman Consulting

BDSC has been engaged three times by Third Bridge to provide expertise as follows:

1. Engagement #1: A Third Bridge Client asked BDSC to provide expertise and strategic insights to an Asia-based hedge fund that was considering a significant investment opportunity in dental benefits insurance in the Far East.  The fund was unfamiliar with the dental insurance marketplace and wanted to gain strategic insights into the industry in the United States.

2. Engagement #2: A Third Bridge Client asked BDSC to provide expertise and strategic insights to a client that was performing an analysis as to whether to bundle their ancillary benefits product with Dental benefits.  The client was unfamiliar with how dental insurance was marketed and sold, whether it was bundled with other benefit lines (and if yes, how), the risks and benefits associated with such bundled sales, and the profitability and other benefits associated with bundling multiple products.  

3. Engagement #3: A Third Bridge Client, a New York-based hedge fund, engaged BDSC to better understand why and how dental insurance companies use digital image platforms as well as which vendor may hold a competitive advantage over the others. In addition, they were looking for more detailed process-level information as to how this related to the entire EDI Dental Claims workflow processes and the on-boarding effort for dental insurance companies to integrate with / compliment their in-house systems.