BD Silverman Consulting: 2016 - 2019

1) Industry Expert and Strategic Advisor to TeleDentistry Startups

2) Developed An Integrated Medical-Dental Benefits Product Line and Go To Market Strategies For a Large Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan

3) Provided Dental Industry Experience to Credentials Verification Organization

4) Overall Organizational Alignment Review For A Delta Dental Company

5) Dental Benefits Expert For a San Francisco Based Venture Capital Organization Making a Significant Investment In A Dental Benefits Organization. 

6) Numerous engagements as an Industry Expert for Private Equity Firms, Investment Bankers, Large Consulting Organizations, Dental Service Organizations, and Various Dental Product and Other Technology Organizations.

Delta Dental of New Jersey: 1989 - 2016

     Business & Financial Growth

1) Primary Subs: 250K to 727K

2) Subscription Income: $85M to $619M

3) Reserves: $22M to $253M

     Exceptional Customer Satisfaction

1) Average Claims Turnaround: 10.4 Days to 3.8 Days

2) Customer Satisfaction Guarantees Achieved: 99.99%

3) Average Financial Accuracy: 99.5%

4) Benefit Manager Satisfaction: Consistently Achieved 97% - 98%

5) Member Satisfaction (Claims Handling): Consistently Achieved 98% - 99%

6) Client Cost Containment: Average Increase of <1% annually on claims cost per subscriber (2011 - 2015)

7) Administrative Cost Reduction: Reduced FTE head count (2009 – 2015) by 16% while achieving performance success

     Technology Transformation

1) Claims System Replacement: Mainframe to 3-Tier Client Server Architecture

2) Built Internal Enterprise Data Warehouse System + Data Analytic Unit

3) Process Outsourcing: Data Entry; Check/Statement Printing; Systems Development; Testing

4) Electronic Data Interchange: Claims; Enrollment; Payment; Digital X-Rays

5) Call Center: Voice Response; Fax-On-Demand; Internet; Mobile Platform

6) Paper Claims: Microfilm -> Imaging -> Optical Character Recognition