**NEW** How Payers Can Begin

to Pilot Teledentistry

Dental Economics (Pages 22-23), May 2019


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Today, Healthcare Organizations Simply Do Not Have Sufficient Resources To Get Everything Done:

* Process Enhancement

* Quality Improvement

* New Technology Evaluation / Implementation

* Product Development

* Compliance

* Other Executive Lead Initiatives

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The Experience Can Be Maddening And Can Lead To:

˃ Customer Dissatisfaction

> Lost Opportunities

˃ Loss of Market Share

˃ Competitive Disadvantage And/Or Even Obsolescence

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You’d Like To Consider Alternative Solutions But Just Don’t Have Enough Experienced Manpower To Do So:

1. Transformation?

2. Acquisition?

3. Outsourcing?

4. Other?


Help Is Just A Click Away!

√ President & CEO, BD Silverman Consulting

√ Former Delta Dental SVP and Chief Operating Officer

√ 30+ Years in Healthcare Administration

√ Industry Recognized Leader

√ Technology Savvy

√ Results Focused

√ Solutions Delivered Quickly and Cost Effectively

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The Mission of BD Silverman Consulting is:

1. To Perform the Actions Necessary

2. To Quickly Deliver to Healthcare Organizations

3. The Results Desired

4. Through a Combination of:

√ Operational and Technological Expertise

√ Innovative Thinking

√ Proven Leadership


√ A Passion For Excellence