Navigating the Delta Dental Landscape

Are you vendor, contractor, services provider, or other organization looking to do business with one or more of the Delta Dental Plans across the United States? 

If so, Relationships, Knowledge and Experience of the Delta Dental System is the key to success.

BD Silverman Consulting’s President and CEO Bruce Silverman can assist you with:

  • Creating your Strategy and Marketing Approach

  • Completing the Request for Information / Request for Proposal

  • Identify Potential Audience Members and Probable Key Decision Factors

  • Development of WebEx and On-Site Presentations

Bruce is the former Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of Delta Dental of New Jersey (DDNJ), having spent 26+ years leading the organization.  He is an experienced dental insurance executive with a track-record of achieving exceptional results (see

Bruce is well-known for being an innovative thought leader and strategist.  He embraces new and emerging technologies and, over a 36+ year career, has successfully designed/led/delivered several complex organizational strategic initiatives while leading various companies to outstanding growth and profitability.

Bruce has Experience in the areas of:

  1. Claims Operations

  2. Customer Service

  3. Quality Assurance

  4. Compliance

  5. Provider Network Recruiting

  6. Provider Data Management

  7. Information Technology

  8. Project Management

  9. Strategic Planning

  10. Board of Trustee Interactions & Communications

Also, while at DDNJ, Bruce worked on several initiatives for the national Delta Dental Plans Association:

  • Development of the National Delta Dental PPO Product

  • Chairman, Operations Committee

  • HIPAA Implementation Task Force

  • Healthcare Reform / Obamacare Task Force

  • National e-Business Strategy Committee Member

  • National Digital Strategy Committee Member

As mentioned above, relationships and understanding your audience can be the keys to success!!  Bruce has and maintains relationships with:

  • 24 of the 29 Current Delta Dental CEOs across the United States

  • Over 50 C-Suite Delta Dental Executives across the United States

You can contact Bruce by using the green contact button below; via email at; or by calling (862) 204-9284

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